Bundles of scenes/alarms

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Bundles of scenes/alarms

Post by ChristianKleineidam » Sun Dec 15, 2019 11:58 am

I use all4hue alarms for waking up.

First I let some of my my light go light red. Then I have another alarm that starts 5 minutes later and then slowly brings up white/blue light till it's at full volume. Then 20 minutes later I want all my lights to blink with another alarm to make me conscious of the time.

When I have a vacation and don't have to get up at 7 I currently have to deactivate all three alarms for that morning. It would be great to bundle all the alarms together so that I can activate/deactivate them together.

Another great alternative would be to have scenes ending with starting another scene. This would allow a similar effect.

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Re: Bundles of scenes/alarms

Post by MarcusZ. » Sun Dec 15, 2019 12:54 pm


I do similar for a sunrise setup, using just two alarms (workday/weekend). Following recommendations:

1) Let the alarm just set a memory sensor, and start all further processing in a rule (via further timers and rules).
[Advantage: you would just have to disable one alarm or one rule, if required at all. See below.]
2) Let the memory sensor reflect the states of your alarm (e.g. 1=start, 2=brighten, 3=blink)
[It just makes programming, modifying, re-using and troubleshooting much easier.]
3) Add another memory sensor as additional condition to each rule, to easily skip the alert if the value is not 0.
[That sensor could be controlled by local all 4 hue actions, or reset by timers.]

You can do all the things you asked for easily, with the possibilites of rules and memory sensors. Doing so, you can workaround the limit of alarms and timers, which just allow one action.

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