"Update with current settings" option

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"Update with current settings" option

Post by Northwold » Wed Sep 14, 2022 1:29 am

I love this app and have been using it for years.

With a recent update, on android at least, the app has changed what happens when you press "edit" on a scene. Previously, pressing edit would not actually switch the lights to the scene itself. As a result, you could use the edit feature to update a scene file with whatever you had the lights set to at that moment (I think the option was called "Update with current settings" or something).

Now, instead, pressing "edit" loads puts the lights into the state of the scene you are editing. So the ability to update a scene with what you have set the lights to right now is gone.

I wonder if a separate "update with current settings" option when selecting a scene could be added that behaves the way that feature used to behave? So it takes what the lights are currently doing and updates the scene to those settings?

It's a bit niche but where this becomes really, really useful is where you are editing animations that use multiple scenes in sequence (I use Hue Essentials to create those). For example, if you have an animated sequence that uses four scenes to turn all your lights to a different colour in steps, first you edit scene 1 which has two lights in it. But then your scene 2 has those two lights, which you want to retain the edits you just made to scene 1, and two further lights that you need to edit as well to your new colours. Repeat for scene 3, and then scene 4.

If I have to load up what scene 2 currently looks like before I can edit it, then I have to edit literally every light in it from scratch. I can't carry through the changes I've made for scene 1 and just make the few further changes I want, then update the old scene 2 file with my current settings.

Regardless, thanks as ever for the work you put into this app and continuing to support it!

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