Rules - Friends of Hue Switches

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Rules - Friends of Hue Switches

Post by subeda » Fri Jul 12, 2019 7:52 am

Sorry for the duplicate post I posted it in the wrong place.

I have a couple of Friends of Hue switches (Niko).
I'm creating rules with your app+wizard and works great.

But I'm trying to give each button two actions. Currently available conditions are: Short Pressed and Pressed.
But I can't make it work or maybe I'm doing something wrong.

I trying:
Button 1 short press switch on Light X
Button 2 short press switch off Light X
Button 1 pressed +25% brightness Light X
Button 2 pressed -25% brightness Light X

But every time I press Button 1 the Light turns on and always I press Button 2 the light turn off. I tried to do it quick and longer without difference.
I can't figure how to assign a second action to a button.

Or I don't realize the difference between short press and press.

Also, could the app support Hold in the future? (like official Hue App).

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